We often get calls for dead deer removal from lawns, patios and on other areas of properties where deer has died. Deer can sometimes be large animals and very hard to remove. Dead deer removal can especially be difficult for older folks and ladies that lack the strength to lift a heavy mass such as a dead deer. Deer in the Mid-Atlantic states often weigh several hundred pounds and can be very difficult to load onto a truck or trailer. Specialized equipment such as a winch is often used to do this job. Dead deer removal is often complicated by local municipalities and state laws concerning deer and the removal. The photo above is of a adult buck deer that had been hit by a car and left in a yard, however someone cut the head off the deer and left the rest of the deer's body, this is common when the adult deer devolve antlers. People sees these antlers as trophy's and will remove them from a deer's body.

Why is there a dead deer outside my home?

Dear become disabled and die for many different reasons one of the main reasons that a dear may be dead in your yard is it is fairly likely the deer has been struck by a automobile. Automobile strikes are the most common causes of deer ideath in the United States. It is estimated that dear calls over $40 million of vehicle damage each year according to the national board of insurance claims. When a deer is struck by a automobile the majority of the time the deer suffers from internal injury which causes internal bleeding so in many instances a beer will travel a fair amount of distance from the actual impact point before it dies. The deer will often lie down in a secluded quiet spot and attempt to mend itself. This is the spot they ultimately the deer dies in. We have other pages that are dedicated to deer control

Do companies charge for deer removal?

Companies that perform this service do charge for their services, there are several factors that go into pricing for such a service, the major factor in deterring how much a company charges for deer removal is the costs that are associated with disposal of the deer after they pick it up. Often times landfills will charge a commercial company to despise of deer, thus they pass the charge onto you. Another factor is gas, time, accessibility of the dead deer and weight of the deer. All of these factors go into making pricing for such a service. Most of the companies that I know of charge at least several hundred dollars for this service of dead deer removal. Over the next several months we will write some pages on how to deal with deer in your vegetation, So check back with us as time goes by. We also have pages that deal with the problem associated with deer control.

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