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Fairfax, VA bats in the attic is a very common call we receive from Fairfax homeowners. Fairfax and surrounding cities have been experiencing an incline in bat populations over the past decade. Bats frequently enter homes and buildings attic spaces. We are finding bats in and around the Fairfax County homes, churches and commercial buildings The number of bats that are found in an attic can reach well into the thousands. So it is best to have a inspection done by a qualified wildlife control company as soon as it is discovered that they could possibly be living in your attic.

Why should we remove bats from our attic

Bats are one of the most beneficial animals in Fairfax, VA, they however carry and are associated several different types of diseases. Hystoplasmosis is one disease that is associated with bats living in large groups. This disease is devolved in bat guano (bat droppings) that accumulates in large piles where bats typically roost. This is a fungal disease that will show itself usually as a lung infection. This disease is typically misdiagnosed as the flu. Another disease that is associated with bats is rabies. Bats are a known carrier of rabies in Fairfax, VA but the number of cases in Virginia is relatively low.

What are some signs I have bats?

Some of the signs that you may see that indicate that you have bats in your attic is bat droppings, You will see bat droppings on your deck, your porches, the sides of your home or any other place that bats take flight from above. Bats will defecate before they fly, which in a since, lightens their load. These droppings will accumulate over time in places that are noticeable such as on your front or back porch. You will notice these droppings. They look similar to rat droppings, however if you smash them you will see mosquito wings reflecting in the excrement. (I know it sounds gross) but is often necessary to tell the difference. You can also find more information on other bat situations such as bat guano removal from attic and also some good generalized information on removal of bats from attic.

There are several different types of bats that can be found in the Fairfax, VA area. There is the little brown Bat, The Big Brown Bat, The Virginia Bat and several others; all of these bats are protected by the state and the government. Bats are one of the most beneficial animals in the state. Great care should be taken while trying to solve bat/human conflicts.

How do we get rid of the bats?

Removing bats from the attic area can be very difficult. There in no sprays or poisons that are registered for bats and since they enjoy a protected status it is illegal to kill them. This leaves only one solution. It is called a bat exclusion. Bat exclusion is a process of sealing a home of all possible entry points and allowing the bats to exit thru a tube called a "excluder". This is a very detailed process, if done incorrectly it could result in bats being forced into the living quarters of homes and building, which creates many more problems besides the bats in the attic.

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