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Squirrels in Wall, Washington D.C.

squirrels in wallWashington D.C. Squirrel Removal professionals specialize in how to remove squirrels from walls. During squirrels nesting time one of the more common complaints received is that a squirrel is in my wall. Squirrels in a wall is a very difficult problem to address. To solve this type of problem, the squirrel would have to be located within the wall and that section of the wall would have to cut open to safely remove these nuisance pests.

Why do Squirrels get into walls?

Squirrels often time get into walls during nesting time and to them inside a wall to birth and raise their babies. Wall cavities provide a safe and secure place for a mother squirrel to build a nest and start the birthing process. She feels secure there because of the tight confinement area that prevents access of predators. Most of the time squirrels get into walls by accessing the attic. Once inside the attic the mother squirrel will simply climb to the top of the rafters within the walls.

It is important to get rid of squirrels before it has babies. Once there are baby squirrels involved the removal process may become more difficult. Once a squirrel has babies in a wall cavity there are chances that a baby squirrel may die causing a foul odor in the home. The squirrel problem has then increased its magnitude, you now went from having a squirrel to have multiple squirrels and a dead squirrel in the wall. The squirrel removal process has now become more difficult and can become an expensive process. As soon as a squirrel is discovered in the home contact a nuisance wildlife control company to get rid of the squirrel before there is extensive damage done from the squirrel. The quicker the problem is resolve the chances of any major damage decreases.

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