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Washington DC Bat Removal and Bat Control experts can get rid of bats in your attic or home. If you are hearing scratching noises or squeaking noises in your home at night, chances are these noises are bats in your home or bats in your attic. Professional bat removal services are provided throughout Washington DC. Bats will form colonies inside your home or attic which can pose serious health risks if the bat problem is not resolved. Bat Control and Bat Removal experts can get rid of bats in your home, business, or commercial property.

Bat infestations can be resolved regardless of the size. Our Professional Bat Removal Company of Washington DC specializes in various wildlife removal infestations including but not limited to: Bat Removal, Bat Control, Bat Exclusion, Bat Guano Cleanup, Removal of Bat Contaminated Insulation, and other bat services.

These nuisance pests and nuisance animals are removed in a humane manner. Professionally trained wildlife operators will clean up bat guano, repair any type of bat damage, prevent bat from infestation from happening to your home of business again.

Our Professional Washington DC Bat Removal Company will assist you with problems caused by all types of Bat species. Bat removal experts are trained experienced in the safe removal and handling of bats. Along with extensive guano clean up experience.

Washington DC bat removal experts can perform work to prevent bat reentry, and other services include dead bat removal, bat control, bat cleanup and other services that make us one of the most complete nuisance wildlife removal companies in Washington DC. Before hiring a bat removal professional always check to make sure that the bat removal company is fully insured and has a valid Wildlife Removal permit issued from the Washington DC department of Energy and Environment.


Big Brown Bats facts are as follows:

  • Big Brown Bats have babies in early summer in attics
  • Big Brown Bats are effected by the white Noise Disease
  • Big Brown Bats are a colonized bat that likes attics
  • Big Brown Bats are Very beneficial mammals 
  • Big Brown Bats eat only insects

Big Eared Bats in the United States

  • Big Eared Townsend Bat, found in Mexico & US
  • Mating season for the Big Eared bat is in the Fall
  • The Gestation period for Big Eared bat is 60 days
  • These bats are colonized ranging from 12 to 200

Brown Bat Colony

  • Photo of Colonized Brown bat in an attic
  • Brown Bats in attics make up 85% of our calls
  • Brown Bats are the #2 carrier of rabies in the US
  • Brown Bat numbers reach over 1000 in a colony
  • Brown Bat guano can carry harmful parasites.

Little Brown Bats

  • Little Brown Bats are colonized animals in the US
  • Little Brown Bats are larger than the Little Browns
  • Little Brown Bats are also found in attics
  • Little Brown Bats eat insects only

Need repairs done to your home caused by bats or want to bat proof your home to prevent bat entry call a nuisance wildlife operator that specializes in bat removal and control. Animal Control Solutions experts solve all types of Wildlife Control problems of Washington DC.

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