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Fredericksburg Beaver Control is a specialized service that requires the knowledge and know-how of an experienced nuisance wildlife trapper. Most nuisance wildlife removal companies and pest control companies do not have the experience and knowledge to efficiently handle a beaver problem. Beavers are a very large rodent that lives both in and out of water and can cause major destruction in a small amount of time. Our company has experienced trappers that have been performing beaver trapping for over 25 years and can solve all types of beaver control problems throughout Stafford County and surrounding areas of Fredericksburg including Lignum, Locust Grove, Goldvein, and Spotsylvania Virginia.

Beavers are semiaquatic animals that typically spend most of their time on top of, or under waterlines of streams, lakes and ponds building dams and beaver huts. Beaver dams and huts are made of mud, limbs, and twigs. Most of the time huts are located half in water and half out of water. Beavers are well known for their ability to fall trees and dam lakes and streams. Beavers are active year round. Fredericksburg Beaver Trappers of Animal Control Solutions can catch beavers and prevent any further destruction to your Fredericksburg, VA property.

Why is the beaver eating my trees?

The most destruction by beavers begins to occur in late September. Beavers will typically start to create more damage in late September as they are preparing for winter. They will cut down small trees and store them underwater, while making dams to keep water levels high enough to have an open waterway below the ice in the winter. They begin securing their hut, storing limbs for food as winter approaches. The best approach to solve a Fredericksburg Beaver Problem is to stop it as soon as it is discovered. The longer a beaver takes up residence on a property the more time it has to create extensive damage.

Beavers eating my trees

How to Get Rid of Beavers in Fredericksburg, VA

A common question in Fredericksburg, VA is how to get rid of beavers. Beavers are a very difficult animal to get rid of if you don’t have the experience or knowledge. Once a beaver has taken up residence on your property the only way to get rid of beavers are by trapping them. There are no sprays or other deterrents that are known to work on beavers. Contact our professional beaver trappers to resolve all your beaver conflicts. Beaver Removal must be handled within the laws of Virginia Department Game and Inland Fisheries and we have the proper permits to perform beaver trapping within the State of Virginia.

Beaver Trapping is an art form that you won’t find in a pest control company, there are very few trappers that have the knowledge and experience to handle beaver trapping. Patience is needed to trap all beavers from a pond or waterway. The first couple of beavers are easy to trap, even a novice may have luck catching them, but the last one or two always seem to present a very real challenge. Often times, the trapper will have to switch types of traps in order to catch the educated beaver.

Visit our Beaver Damage Photo Gallery to see various types of damage caused by beavers including beaver dams, beaver huts, and other beaver damage.

We provide complete Fredericksburg Nuisance Wildlife Control Services if you have a beaver issue in Fredericksburg, VA contact us today at 540-371-4244 to take control of your beaver problem!

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