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Annandale Squirrel Control & Squirrel Removal


Annandale VA squirrel removal and control of squirrels in Annandale, Virginia is one of the most common calls we receive in the spring and winter of the year. Virginia has an abundance of wild animals and squirrel removal and control is a common service that is needed throughout VA.

Problems with squirrels in Annandale VA.

Virginia has an immense squirrel problem and we receive calls every day. Some of the problems we help resolve include:

  • Squirrels in attic
  • Squirrels digging holes in the side of your house
  • squirrels tearing up attic insulation
  • Squirrels digging holes in your screen
  • Squirrels are an everyday nuisance in Annandale VA to remove

    You can see squirrels running to and from buildings and homes, running across power lines and on top of fences. Squirrels are the number one nuisance animal in Virginia. Some of the more common types of squirrels that are found in Annandale VA are the gray squirrels, Fox squirrel and black squirrels. All these types of squirrels can and will calls damage to your home if they invade your Annandale VA attic. Some of the damage that these squirrels do to your attic and other parts of your home include, insulation damage, sheet rock damage, structural support damage, damage to your louver vents, damage to your gable vents and damage to your attic ventilation vents. They also chew electrical wires, air-conditioner duct work and Dig holes in your ceiling. All these squirrel problems can be prevented by hiring a professional squirrel removal company in Annandale VA.

    Quick and efficient removal of the squirrels is necessary in order for you to prevent long-term damage being done to your home. When hiring a squirrel removal professional in Annandale VA make sure they have the appropriate Virginia animal removal license and animal removal insurance issued by a reputable insurance company.

    Don't let the squirrels of Annandale Virginia take over your home, call us immediately when you realize you have Squirrel in my attic.

    We also specialize in the removal and control of any nuisance pest animals found in Annandale, VA.

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