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Alexandria VA Skunk removal and Skunk Control experts provide complete services to get rid of skunks. Skunk Removal is a common service provided throughout Alexandria, VA. Effective skunk removal services usually requires for the skunk to be trapped and removed. We provide skunk trapping services throughout Alexandria and surrounding Northern Virginia cities including Lincolnia, Huntington, Belle Haven, Rose Hill and Groveton, VA.

Skunk Control is often a job that is taken on by pest control companies and other businesses that don't have the proper experience and training to effectively solve a skunk problem. We are experts in skunk control and have been performing skunk removal and skunk trapping for over 20 years throughout Northern Virginia. Call Animal Control Solutions today for Safe, Effective Skunk Removal in Alexandria, VA.

When Skunks become a problem in Alexandria

Skunks in Alexandria VA become a problem usually during the winter months of the year. The first thing you will notice with a skunk problem occurs near your Alexandria Virginia home is seeing a hole dug under the front stoop of your front porch. This is where the skunk initially digs into the underneath area of your home. From underneath the front porch the skunk has access to other parts of the foundation of your home. Skunks are burrowing animals and it is normal practice for them to dig holes, usually about the size of a softball.

Skunks in Alexandria VA are nocturnal. People rarely know they have a skunk problem. The first indication that someone has a problem with skunks is the smell. Skunk spray smell is unmistakable! Once a skunk has sprayed either in defense of a predator or in a mating ritual, it's the only thing you will be able to smell for a while.

Skunks under my Porch, Alexandria, VA

The most common call in Alexandria Virignia is skunk removal and control of skunks under your porch. This is a favorite den site for females skunks as they are about to give birth to their skunk babies. You can identify a skunk under your porch problem by the softball sized hole that is usually dug underneath your first step one your front porch.

This can be on either side of the first step, towards the back. A professional skunk removal company should be called to handle the skunk under the porch call as they are a very delicate animal and will spray very quickly if disturbed in the wrong way.

Skunk sprayed my dog

This is a very common call in the early part of the spring in Alexandria VA. The normal process is a homeowner lets his dog out of the house for its normal romp throughout their Alexandria VA backyard. After several minutes the dog comes back to the door and wants inside. The homeowner opens the door and is shocked by the tremendous odor coming from the dog! The homeowner then goes to the Internet, or the Yellow Pages and finds the animal removal/skunk removal company in Alexandria VA.

The moral of the story is that this could have been prevented if the homeowner took the necessary precautions when they first noticed the holes being dug in the yard. If you feel you need skunk removal or control in Alexandria VA, call us immediately.

We also specialize Animal Removal in Alexandria, VA.

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