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Armadillo removal and control is a common call that is received in Lafayette on a regular basis. There are several different types of armadillos in which companies are called to remove and control. The most common type of armadillo in which most wildlife removal companies are called to take care of is the nine banded armadillo. Armadillos do various amounts of damage to yards and flowerbeds; they do a tremendous amount of damage to grasses and ornamental flowers. With the nine banded armadillo’s primary food source being insects, primarily ants, Japanese beetles, small reptiles and other animal matter it has also been known to eat berries and fruit.

The nine banded armadillo can be found in Lafayette, Lake Charles, Carenco, Broussard, Scott, and Youngsville, Sulphur, Westlake, Dequincy, Deridder, Leesville, Jennings, Welsh and Lafayette Parish, Calcasieu Parish, Beauregard Parish and Jeff Davis Parish. The nine banded armadillo has many predators and natural enemies that include bobcats, dogs, raccoons, coyotes, black bears, and humans.

Nine banded armadillo's are a nocturnal animal meaning they only stir at night; they have very poor eyesight and relied very heavily on their sense of smell. You can occasionally observe a nine banded armadillo out in the middle of the day. This is usually a juvenile armadillo or a female armadillo looking to escape her young. The nine banded armadillo is relatively quick and can run very fast when threatened. One of the funnier things the nine banded armadillo does is when its startled, it jumps straight up in the air. Sometimes, jumping as high as 2 feet. This can be a humorous sight.

One of the more odd things that we have learned about the nine banded armadillo is that they only produce one egg, the egg is then split and the armadillo gives birth to four identical baby armadillos. This is a very odd situation, the armadillo oh also has the ability to do what is called delayed implantation. This often occurs in colder climates in which the nine banded armadillo will pick its time frame in which to have its armadillo babies. Nine banded armadillo's can become pests when they pick up your yard and your flowerbeds. If you think you have a problem with the nine banded armadillo you should contact a professional animal control person to handle this problem.

The nine banded armadillo is one of the hardest animals in the Lafayette to catch and many homeowners become frustrated with their inability to catch the armadillo. Trapping the armadillo is a relatively simple process if given the right experience and the right equipment. If you need a professional armadillo trapper, call A All Animal Control of Lafayette LA at 337-802-4382.

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