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Columbus, GA Bee Removal and Wasp Control professionals provide complete pest control for bees, wasps, and hornets throughout Muscogee County, Georgia. Bee Control is a specialized service that should be only be performed by trained bee professionals. We provide services to control bee swarms, remove bees best, wasp nest removal and all other types of bee problems you may be experiencing at your Columbus property.

Over the last several years there has been an influx of Africanized honey bees that have taken the area by storm. The problem with these killer bees is that they can’t often be distinguished from the harmless honey bee. They are many other stinging insects of Columbus that can cause harm such as yellow jackets, paper wasps, ground dwelling bees, hornets and many other types of bees. You should always assume that the Bees you are dealing with are dangerous and will attack you.

Africanized Honey Bees in Columbus, GA

Africanized honey bees in Columbus, GA have been a growing problem over the last 10 years. Africanized honey bees started their North word track from South Central Africa many years ago. In 1956 A Brazilian scientists brought Africanized honey bees to South America. There the bees was to undergo a cross breeding experiment with their European honey bees. From there the bee has spread north as It swarms every year. Until the early 1980’s the Africanized honey bee was contained to the borders of South America.

In 1986 the first Africanized honey bees were found in Mexico, the in 1990 the first Africanized bee colony was found in the United States. These bees were first discovered in the United States in South Texas. From there they have since spread across the United States. These killer bees have been found throughout Georgia including the area of Columbus. Whenever encountering a nest or bee swarm take extreme precaution to be safe and treat is as an Africanized Honey Bee nest. The aggression of these bees can lead to hundreds of stings that can be life threatening. Always hire a bee control professional when dealing with stinging insects.

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