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Squirrel Removal Service

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Squirrel removal in Downington PA is a very common call that all nuisance wildlife control companies receives throughout the entire year. Squirrels breed prolifically through the entire year.

Their common breeding cycles occur in the January to March time frame. Then again in August to September. Twice a year is the normal reproductive cycle of the common grey squirrel which is the most common squirrel in the area. Call us now for a complete inspection for solutions to remove this furry rodent.

Damage to Attics

squirrel removal
Squirrels create damage to attic areas of homes. Some types of damage you will find will be insulation damage, chewing and, sometimes, a Biohazard factor with their urine and feces. They will urinate and defecate in the same spots in your attic area. This causes a specific location problem called a latrine. A latrine by definition is a specific place where one uses the bathroom on a repetitive basis.

More insulation damage is caused by the running back and forth. This compacts the insulation which causes the insulation loses its R - Factor. R-factor is defined as a measurement of resistance by of any given substrate to retain heat. As the insulation is smashed, its ability to retain heat is severely impacted. Which ultimately makes your heating bill go up, considerably.

Roof Damage

squirrel damage to roof
Damage to roofs is very common as the roof is usually the entry point. This is usually done through a gable vent, a plumbing vent, or chewing a hole in the fascia board (the board behind the gutter area of your home). These rodents have the ability to chew a hole big enough for entry into a pine fascia board in less than 10 minutes. They are essentially a chainsaw with a tail.

This critter has been known to chew on plumbing stack pipes which ultimately ventilates your toilet, sink, and other plumbing fixtures with a drain. One of the most destructive animals in Pennsylvania and should not be permitted to spend the winter in your home. You should exercise due diligence to make sure these creatures are out of your home as soon as possible.

Ways to Protect my home

There are several ways to protect your home and property from intrusion and damage. One of the most common is a full house exclusion. This is a process that seals all possible entry areas allowing access to the attic or home. Squirrels often find this type of barrier to be an obstacle and will simply move to another residence that is more easily accessed.

Some of the common types of metal that we use our 16 gauge galvanized metal sheeting that goes on the fascia board between the roof and gutter. This closes up a gap known as a Construction Gap which is simply the space between the roof sheathing and the fascia board. This is a very common entry point. Work needs to be done by a trained professional because this work can be done and not even be noticeable to the untrained eye.

Is Trapping the Best Method?

Trapping does work however it's only a matter of time before another squirrel will find their way into your home. They have a very keen sense of smell and can smell the presence of other squirrels have been. They will often trail back to the point of entry and set up shop where others have been, kind of like a squatter! The best way to fix this is have the structural imperfections in your home fixed correctly.

For all of your trapping and exclusion needs, feel free to give us a call today. Ask about our Free 26-Point inspection to identify possible entry points and problems in your Downington home.

The common Gray Squirrel

The common gray squirrel is as you guessed it Gray in color. However they do come in several different color variations including white, black, and red. Age and pigmentation has much to do with the color as does its location in the United States. Colder climates will usually have darker colors whereas the warmer climates will have lighter colors. They are from the same genus, Sciurus.

There are 28 species in this genus but only about 3 types can be found in the Downingtown Pennsylvania. This would be the Gray, Fox and Southern flying squirrels.

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