Opossum Trapping Techniques

Trapping Opossum's is often a task that many professional companys will not have to hard of a time with, these animals are realitively easy to trap, however if you do not have the right equipment, these animals can be a handful.
Opossum's have 50 Razor sharp teeth with they will use in order to protect themselves from what they feel is a threat. Opposum's know humans are a threat, so they WILL BITE!

What type of trap?

type to catch a opossum is usually a larger type trap that can be found at some of the big box stores or the local tractor supply store. The need to be at least 36 inches long and be at least a foot high and wide. This will allow the opossum plenty of room to enter the trap and not feel crowded. This keeps the opossum relaxed and focused on the bait in the trap. This is essential on catching the animal, because it the animal feels confined or awkard, the animal will not enter the trap.

What type of bait do I use?

The type of bait you useto catch a opossum is usually a fruit based bait, sometimes mulberry, sometimes persimmons, really depends on what the natural food source for the local area would be. Sometimes if you have a opossum that is digging in the trash cans, you can actually catch him using exactly what he is eating.

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