Greensboro Bat Removal

Greensboro Bat Removal and bat control are common nuisance wildlife services that homeowners and businesses of Greensboro often require. Bat Control is a specialty service that is provided by Nuisance Wildlife Technicians. The removal and control of bats requires Specialty Equipment that often includes Man lifts and other high reaching platforms along with other specialized equipment including state-of-the-art vacuum systems that are designed specifically for the removal of bats, and bat guano from attic areas of homes and buildings. Often untrained pest control companies that do not deal with bat problems on a daily basis will trap bats inside the home forcing the bats from attics into the living area of homes.

There are several different methods of removing and controlling bats from your Greensboro area home. One such method is called bat exclusion and is done by sealing up all areas of the home in which the bats have access to the attic portion of your house. After the attic area is sealed and all possible entry points have been eliminated the Greensboro bat removal expert will then exclude the bats from one entry point that allows the bats to exit but not reenter the home. It is imperative this process it handled correctly to prevent bats from entering the living area of the home and preventing harm to the bats. This humane exclusion process is the most efficient way to handle a bat removal problem in Guilford County North Carolina.

Bat Exclusion

Bat exclusions are a process that is done to gently persuade the bats from your living quarters. Bats like to make their homes in the attic area of your home and find it very comfortable up there all summer long. However as mentioned there are some very real health implications by letting the bats stay in the attic. You must have them removed as soon as state law allows! Most states do not allow exclusions to be performed until after the baby bats have been weaned from their mothers. This is usually done in September. Call us today for a estimate to have the bats excluded from your attic.

Bats in my attic

The most common call we get in the spring and summer months is for the control and removal of bats in the attic of homes in Greensboro North Carolina. Bats in the attic are a very serious problem that should be taken care of as soon as it is discovered. Bats love the location of Greensboro North Carolina and the natural food supply for the bats is almost unlimited. When you discover the bats in your attic, you should look to have a bat exclusion done to the attic portion of your home. After the bat exclusion is done and the bats have been eliminated from the attic, you should have your attic professionally cleaned and vacuumed. This is considered a bat guano cleanout.

Bat guano cleanup

Bat guano cleanup typically happens after a bat exclusion has been performed and the structure has been sealed up. The bats have been excluded and after several days is when the bat guano cleanup should take place. Bat guano cleanups can be done several different ways, however the safest way to have the bat guano removal from your attic is through a state-of-the-art vacuum system that is specifically designed to clean and handle bat guano and contaminated insulation. There are only a few companies in the Greater Greensboro area that have a state-of-the-art bat guano removal vacuum. Please check with the bat removal professional to make sure they have a state-of-the-art bat guano removal machine before making a decision of which company to use for this often expensive job. Never let a company removes bat guano through your home.

If the animal removal company is going to shovel the bat guano into trash bags and remove it through your attic hatch, then you probably should look for another company to perform this task.

Complete Bat Control Services are provided throughout Guilford County including the areas of East Greensboro, Starmount Forest, Forest Oaks, Irving Park, McLeansville, Summerfield, Jamestown, and Greensboro NC.

Some of the more common calls that we have in the Guilford County area of North Carolina is for the removal of bats from buildings, churches, and attics. We have performed bat exclusions on many historic locations in the NC, call the experts to resolve all your bat problems or other Greensboro Nuisance Wildlife Problems.

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