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raccoon removal from attic in new orleans, laRaccoon removal and control in Orleans County is one of the more common calls that most animal control companies in Louisiana receive throughout the year. Louisiana is a huge metropolis type of area and the abundance of raccoon and other nuisance type animals is thriving. Raccoon removal and control is a very common service that is needed throughout the entire New Orleans and Louisiana areas.

There are some common problems that are associated with raccoons and the removal of raccoons in New Orleans County including the following:

    New Orleans Raccoon Problems

  • Raccoons in the attic
  • Raccoons digging holes in your house
  • Raccoons damaging attic insulation
  • Raccoons damaging duct work
  • Raccoons digging holes in attic screens
  • Raccoons creating holes in roofs

Raccoons can be a nuisance pest in New Orleans, LA

Raccoons in New Orleans, Louisiana seem to find many different ways to get themselves in trouble, they turn over trash cans, get into attic spaces of homes, get into crawlspaces, dig holes under your porch, dig holes in roofs and many other destructive things that raccoons do in New Orleans, Louisiana that people consider a nuisance. There are many different ways to handle a nuisance raccoon problems in New Orleans, Louisiana. Any Inexperienced person should never try to trap or handle a raccoon, raccoons can be very aggressive animals that will cause harm. These raccoons of New Orleans will bite, scratch, claw and do whatever is necessary to defend their home (which is usually in your attic) or defend their young.

Baby Raccoons

Baby raccoons are typically born in the months of March-May. Raccoons can be very protective of their young and you should never attempt to grab or remove the baby raccoons from the nesting area in which the female has prepared. She is often times in very close vicinity and can be at the aid of her baby raccoons in a matter of seconds. She will be very aggressive in defending her babies and any attempt to remove the babies from their nest should not be made by anyone without the qualifications or the equipment to do so properly.

Baby Raccoons in New Orleans, are usually born in March they usually weigh between one and 2 pounds at birth and they will be totally mobile by the age of eight weeks. At eight weeks of age the raccoon babies will start traveling to and from the dinning area whether its in your attic or in your chimney, to a local food source. Raccoons find food sources in your lawn, trashcan, dog door or any other place that they can find food. Raccoons are considered opportunistic feeders and are found throughout Orleans County.

Don't let the raccoons a Orleans County overtake the attic area or the crawlspace of your home contact a professional animal removal company immediately. Raccoons can be a very dangerous animal and never should you attempt to remove and control a raccoon without the proper equipment

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