Running a successful wildlife removal company has many challenges, the daily organization alone is a nightmare, Keeping up with customers, answering the constant ringing phone and Keeping up with the finances such as billing and payables can drive a small business owner crazy!

We have perfected many of the struggles that are the demise of many wildlife removal companies, problems such as Scheduling, Phone Answering, Invoicing, Time Management, and Estimate creation. if you struggle at any of these daily chores, we can help!



**Are you running a wildlife removal company and feel you could make more money?

**Are you a energetic self motivated person who is looking for a career in the Wildlife Removal industry?

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If you have answered Yes to any of the above questions, then the folks at Animal Control Solutions can help you. We have programs for many different situations in many areas. We specialize in the organization and successful operation of Wildlife Removal Companies in the United States. We have Many areas that are available for devolvement and we provide you with everything you need to get started. In some cases we will provide the vehicle and all equipment needed to run a successful business. We have established businesses in Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Western Virginia and Eastern Maryland. We have been in the Wildlife Removal business for over 20 years and have tried and proven tactics for animals removal that is both effective and profitable. Contact us for information at 877-227-9453.


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