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Animal Control Solutions is a Professional Wildlife Removal company that is located in Northern Virginia. We provide complete wildlife control services throughout the areas of Northern Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. The company was started in early 1990 as a trap supply company and grew quickly into a complete wildlife control service organization. We have been providing wildlife removal services throughout the Mid Atlantic region for well over 24 years! Below we will share some information on the company and its beginnings.

James White

James was born in the southern part of Maryland in 1966, he spent his childhood catching animals on his family farm. In 1990 James started a trapping supply company, offering products to consumers to catch animals such as animal baits and traps. This business quickly took a turn as consumer demand for animal removal grew. The demand was not for traps, but wildlife trapping services! James partnered with Mike Hurley and a multi-state organization was born. This Multi-state platform has been in place since 1993 and we have perfected the art of wildlife removal from homes and buildings. James was critical in the beginnings of this industry in the DC area, James love for his community got him to explore many ways and methods to control animals in a urban environment, the methods that he perfected back then are still in use today. He specialized in geese and beaver. James is no longer with us because of his untimely death in 2007.

More about James here

Mike Hurley

Mike Hurley was born in the southern coalfields of West Virginia in 1971, Mike spent his entire childhood trapping animals, he would check his traps before he went to school everyday. Trapping is what he loved! Mike spent many years trapping raccoon and other animals in his mountain environment, when the need to survive kicked in and In the early part of 1990 Mike packed up the truck and moved to Fredericksburg, VA. It is here that he met James White. The two devolved a friendship that lasted many years, until James untimely death in 2007, Mike and James were very close.

Mike still runs and operates Animal Control Solutions, as a service providing company. Mike has seen this area grow and understands the need to properly control the wildlife that is invading your home. if you are a customer of Animal Control Solutions, you may just have Mike knock on your door, (thats right, he still does service work from time to time) Mike is one of the most documented wildlife control professionals in the nation. having articles about his career in the freelance Star, the Washington Post, Wildlife Control Technology Magazine, Fur fish and Game and has been documented on TV shows like My First Place and HGTV. Mike is a instructor at Many national seminars and schools, teaching other wildlife control professionals the proper technique and procedures to properly trap and exclude animals from homes and buildings. Mike Carries state nuisance wildlife certifications from West Virginia, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware and Florida, Mike is also certified in Pest Control to operate a business in West Virginia, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland , Florida and Washington DC

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